What Can You Trust?

Last week in class we witnessed a number of optical puzzles and illusions that allowed us to make the following statement: You can’t always trust your eyes.  

It’s uncanny timing, then, that a popular science channel on YouTube just today released a video titled, “Can You Trust You Eyes?”

And so, if we can’t always trust our eyes when engaged in scientific work–and our eyes are connected to brains, so therefore we can’t always trust our brains!–what CAN we trust as scientists?

The answer to this question will be one of the topics that we confront in the coming weeks and months of the school year.  The answer(s)…may surprise you.

About DocBretto

DocBretto has a PhD in science education and specializes in radicalizing student curiosity, performing intellectual sorcery, and inventing alternative futures for science education via the Dark Arts.
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