The Sunday Naturalist

This post is a new feature for SCIENCEsEDiment!

Because I’m likely to be found outdoors on most Sundays, I thought I’d share some of the photography that so often results from my walks in and around Montagnola and other places in Ticino and northern Italy.

Yesterday, Mrs. M and I found ourselves hiking up in the forest near Agra. After almost ten days straight of overcast skies, rain clouds, and temperate weather in Lugano, I expected we’d see some woodland mushrooms but I never expected we’d see so many!  The forest was full of fungi yesterday and I couldn’t help but try and document some of the varieties we saw with the camera on my iPhone. The gallery below gives you a look at some of the scenes we witnessed. 

Have you seen fungi in the woods near your home lately? If so, consider taking some photos and sending them to SCIENCEsEDiment.

Happy hunting!

About DocBretto

DocBretto has a PhD in science education and specializes in radicalizing student curiosity, performing intellectual sorcery, and inventing alternative futures for science education via the Dark Arts.
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3 Responses to The Sunday Naturalist

  1. Lovely composition….The colors are coming so nice….Good depth of field….

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