Sheet music or musical circuit?

In our Grade 6 science class we’ve been creating inventions with our Drawdios. If you don’t know what a Drawdio is, you can get a good grasp on what it is and what it can do by watching the video below…

One of our most recent homework assignments was to turn the Drawdio into a musical instrument that could play a recognizable song. We even had a Drawdio Recital Day in class where the students performed their songs.

I was so impressed by the different ways my students used to create their songs that I thought my photos of them would make for an interesting Blog post. In the image gallery below, you can not only see the different songs that were played, but also the different strategies students used to turn paper and pencil graphite into a song.

About DocBretto

DocBretto has a PhD in science education and specializes in radicalizing student curiosity, performing intellectual sorcery, and inventing alternative futures for science education via the Dark Arts.
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