Who has Mars fever?

Dr. Merritt does, and he knows a lot of middle school students who have developed the ‘fever’ too!!!

On Thursday evening, at 18:30 (Lugano time), NASA/JPL will be streaming a “Landing Day!” live stream for students. Although it is anticipated that Perseverance won’t touch down on the Mars surface until 2 hours and 25 minutes after the start of the live stream–touchdown is scheduled for 20:55 (Lugano time)–I am confident that there will be lots of interesting programming available (animations/simulations, explanations, interviews, stories, histories, etc.) between 18:30-20:55.

Stay tuned to the YouTube window below as the countdown to Mars continues…

Make some popcorn, sit back, relax, and watch one of the most exciting human scientific/engineering feats of the (still young) 21st century. You don’t want to miss this because you’ll have to wait at least 5 years until (hopefully) NASA/FJPL do it again!!!

About DocBretto

DocBretto has a PhD in science education and specializes in radicalizing student curiosity, performing intellectual sorcery, and inventing alternative futures for science education via the Dark Arts.
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