Assignment Care

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As already discussed on the Assignment Types page, Dr. Merritt expects all of his middle school science students to great show care towards their submitted assignments. Students can earn nearly all of the available Assignment Care points by adhering to the following rules.

Yes, it’s true: the rules/guidelines presented below can be characterized as ‘picky,’ and some of them are likely unique to Dr. Merritt and his science class. However, Dr. Merritt feels strongly that these rules/guidelines not only make aspects of his job more efficient and effective, but also that they can lead to significant organizational benefits for students too.

  1. Student Number – location, format
  2. Date – location, format
  3. Title – brief but informative…following examples when given…
  4. Respecting the margins – importance of the top, left, and bottom margins
  5. State of the paper – unfolded, dry, untorn, free of non-related markings, paper selection/suitability

[example of a proper cared for assignment]

Last update: July 2019