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There’s Something Seed-y Here…

As you know, we started planning for a seed germination experiment in class on Monday. You’ll recall from the Seed Germination Introduction handout that our research questions (each student group has a slightly different one) are all designed to find … Continue reading

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Methods, Procedures, & Protocols…Oh My!

Methods, procedures, protocols, techniques…call them what you will, but these are an important part of a well designed scientific inquiry. For the last of your nine Research Memos (Yes! You’ve completed eight already!!!), you might benefit from the biomonitoring videos I’ve … Continue reading

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A map worth ten thousand words…

Many of you have been inquiring as to the precise location of Mud Creek in North Carolina. Well, ask and you shall receive… Today, I played around with Google Maps and somehow managed to create a custom map that shows … Continue reading

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