Flavour School


What is Flavour School?

Founded in 2016, Flavour School is a registered charity in England and Wales promoting sensory food education as a way to help children develop healthier, happier relationships with food and eating.

Flavour School is a programme of sensory food education lessons for children based in the United Kingdom. First developed by educators, researchers, and other specialists, Flavour School is inspired by the SAPERE method, which has been applied in several other European countries for many years. At its core, Flavour School is all about exploring food and flavour through the five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. Among its primary aims, goals, and aspirations, Flavour School attempts to…

  • provide fun and simple ways for students to learn about each of their senses and how they affect our eating experiences.
  • help students to develop vocabulary to express their experiences and preferences.
  • increase students’ curiosity, confidence, and willingness to try new foods.
  • empower students to have a positive relationship with food and eating.
  • help students not only to better understand their eating experiences, but also to approach new foods on their own terms so they can a) be more confident and discerning eaters, and b) be more willing to explore and enjoy a wider range of foods and flavours.

What is Flavour School at TASIS?

The TASIS Flavour School uses mainly fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods to help make these foods normal, familiar, and interesting to/for students.

The TASIS Flavour School strives to remain true to all of the primary aims, goals, and aspirations mentioned above. At TASIS, however, the UK’s Flavour School receives three additional ‘twists’…

1. Flavour School is springboard to learning about three foundational scientific research methods:

  • Descriptive – you can learn more about descriptive research here.
  • Comparative – you can learn more about comparative research here.
  • Experimental – you can learn more about experimental research here.

2. Flavour School is a way of developing the ability to write authentic scientific reports.

  • Scientific writing is a powerful form of writing, but it is also a persuasive form of writing. Learning to write scientifically shows us an authentic intersection between art and science.
  • Fortunately, scientific writing has identifiable rules, norms, and conventions that help to distinguish it from forms of writing in other disciplines such as history or mathematics.
  • Scientific reports often follow a predictable structure of pattern: for example, Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion.
  • A good way to learn to write scientifically is to practice writing scientifically!

3. Flavour School is a way of experiencing learning-as-fun, learning-as-interesting, learning-as-challenging, and learning-as-pleasurable.

  • In schools, too much learning provides too little pleasure for both students and teachers.
  • Eating can be fun. Eating can be interesting. Eating can be challenging. Eating can be pleasurable. Eating can be pedagogical.

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Last updated: September 2019