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I have not arranged these books by reading level or age group, but it should be noted that many of the books–with a few exceptions here and there–are for ages 16 (or even 18) and older. For K-12 students, I recommend visiting the National Science Teacher Association’s Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students webpage. There, you will find comprehensive lists of science trade books arranged by year (1996-2014).

To cater to the interests of the disciplinary inclined, I’ve tried to arrange my recommendations for books about science into some basic disciplinary categories. As every good scientists knows, however, categorical systems of classification are never clean. Thus, readers should not be surprised to see a number of the books appearing in more than one category. At the moment, these categories include…

LIFE SCIENCE–in which I include books about evolution, genetics, medicine, microbiology, botany and organismal biology.


PHYSICS–in which I include books about astronomy.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE–in which I included books about ecology.


TECHNOLOGY–in which I include books about computers and engineering.

I know that most people have particular affinities for and/or interests in a certain area (or areas) of science, but I encourage all science readers to read as much as possible beyond the area of their most immediate and/or intense interests. In my experience, the most interesting and engaging scientists are those who remain well versed in areas beyond their immediate area(s) of scientific interest, as well as in the humanities!

Websites | Blogs | Books

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