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What's new(s) in science and technology?

What’s new(s) in science and technology?

Many people, including many students, are increasingly getting their news from Internet-based websites. Below, you’ll find a modest collection of websites dedicated to news about science, technology, and other interesting topics.

Many of these sites have special sections for Kids and/or Students, but I often find that my students like the adult sections just as much–if not more–than the special kid/student sections.

Science News has been published since 1922. This award-winning biweekly news magazine covers important and emerging research in all fields of science. More importantly, however, is the welcome fact that they have a special section for middle school science students.

According to their own website, “ScienceDaily is one of the Internet’s most popular science news web sites.” It has been around since 1995 and it has won lots of awards. ScienceDaily gets over 3 million monthly visitors and generates nearly 15 million page views a month!

The BBC is the largest broadcasting organization in the world. You’ll find many science articles, videos, and interactive features on their site. Plus, BBC – EARTH is the home site of Dr. M’s favorite television naturalist, (Sir) David Attenborough.

Like the BBC, The Guardian is another large news organization operating out of the UK. There, you’ll find lots of articles, videos, and special features on their site, including links allowing you to listen to their science podcasts.

Run by American-based PBS (Public Broadcasting System), NOVA is the highest rated science series on television and the most watched documentary series on public television. Their site has lots of interesting online science content.

Dr. M grew up reading National Geographic magazine issues in his house (it’s the magazine with the yellow, rectangular border). You’ll find lots of interesting online content on their site including wonderful photographs, animations, articles, and videos.

Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S. Their Education site has some interesting activities for students. In particular, look for their “Bring Science Home” activities.

Science, technology, engineering, robotics, gadgets, inventions…there’s no end to the interesting stories you’ll unearth on the Popular Science website. Believe it or not, Popular Science claims to have been reporting science and technology since 1872!

If you’re interested in space science, look no further than On their main site, you’ll find all kinds of articles, photos, images and video related to space exploration. However, be sure to also visit their “For Students” section.

I’ve always loved the concept on which this website is based: How do things in the world around us–but also those inside of us–work? You’ll find some satisfactory answers to many of your science- and technology-related questions on this site.

Science Illustrated describes their online product as “a place for intellectually curious men and women with a passion for science, discovery and adventure.” They cover topics ranging from science to space, nature to culture, and medicine to technology.

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Do you have a favorite website for news about science and technology?
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