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American Museum of Natural HistoryHuman Population Through Time

This one is better watched than described…

BBC Earth – The Making of Me and You

How many cells do you have in your body? How many atoms do you have in your body? How many microbes are you carrying in your body? How many times have you replaced your cells? Visit the BBC’s site and discover what lies within you…

BBC FutureJourney to the Center of the Earth

How far would you have to travel to reach the Earth’s core? And what would you see along the way? Visit the BBC’s site and discover what lies beneath you…

NYTimesAnimated Life: Seeing the Invisible

This animated documentary celebrates the 17th-century citizen scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, whose discovery of microbes would change our view of the biological world.

NYTimesThe Animated Life of A.R. Wallace

This paper-puppet animation celebrates the life of one of Dr. Merritt’s heroes, Alfred Russel Wallace, who is credited with Charles Darwin for the theory of natural selection.

CERNThe Large Hadron Collider

How will CERN re-create the moments just after the Big Bang? From what kind of atom will CERN harvest the protons needed for their all-important collisions? If the answers to these questions intrigue you, then watch (and enjoy!) these excellent animations.

Journey to the Unimaginably Small

The Bottle to Bang

Journey to discover the nature of mass (the Higgs Field)

Journey to Discover Answers

 Do you have a favorite computer animation in which science plays a starring role?
If so, then please tell Dr. M about it through the comment feature below!

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