The Botany of Desire...based on the book by Michael Pollan

The Botany of Desire…based on the book by Michael Pollan

This film was nicely summarized on the PBS website as follows: “Flowers. Trees. Plants. We’ve always thought that we controlled them. But what if, in fact, they have been shaping us? Using this provocative question as a jumping off point, The Botany of Desire takes viewers on an exploration of our relationship with the plant world – seen from the plants’ point of view.

School children often learn about the mutually beneficial relationship between honeybees and flowers. To make their honey, the bees collect the flowers’ nectar and in the process spread pollen, which enables the flowers to reproduce. The Botany of Desire proposes that people and domesticated plants have formed a similarly reciprocal relationship. “We don’t give nearly enough credit to plants,” says Pollan. “They’ve been working on us – they’ve been using us – for their own purposes.”

The Botany of Desire examines this relationship by telling the stories of four plants that ensured their survival and expanded their habitat by satisfying our most basic yearnings. Connecting fundamental human desires for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control with the plants that satisfy them – the apple, the tulip, marijuana, and the potato – The Botany of Desire intends to show that we humans don’t stand outside the web of nature; we are very much a part of it.”

You can watch the entire film for free (streaming video, good HD quality) by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!

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