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Disney's Never Cry Wolf (1983)

Disney’s Never Cry Wolf (1983) –  one of Dr. Merritt’s all-time favorite science-related films

Movies…the worst ones leave us feeling bitter and empty, but the best ones…ah, the best films have ways of transporting us through a labyrinth of complex emotions.

Believe it or not, serious science is not a very popular focus for most of the major movie studios based in Hollywood, London, Toronto and beyond. There are some exceptions, however, and the list below is meant to point you in the direction of just a few major motion pictures that managed to put science, scientists, and/or major scientific issues as one of the supporting actors.

AVATAR (2009)

  • Key words: ecology, Gaia, resource exploitation, cultural anthropology, fantasy, adventure, action

WALL-E (2008)

  • Key words: environment, pollution, animation, family, adventure


  • Key words: physics, rocketry, biography, drama, family

CONTACT (1997)

  • Key words: astronomy, technology, religion, philosophy, drama, mystery, sci-fi


  • Key words: HIV discovery, AIDS epidemic, public health, drama


  • Key words: primatology, wildlife conservation, drama, adventure


  • Key words: mammalogy, arctic ecology, field research, adventure, drama

THE LORAX (TV special) by Dr. Seuss (1972)

  • Key words: environment, pollution, deforestation, industrialization, animation

Do you have a favorite major motion picture in which science plays a starring role?
If so, then please tell Dr. M about it through the comment feature below!

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