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In addition to the rubrics made available to you, your experimental research may also benefit from imitating other key aspects of other high-quality experimental investigations. The links below form a sort of digital library in which Dr. Merritt has attempted to include only high-quality experimental investigations for your perusal.

If/Whenever possible, he has included investigations authored by students involved in various levels of formal schooling. The collection of investigations published by professional scientists in peer-reviewed journals, however, remains the ultimate ‘target’ toward which all science students should aim.

STUDENT SCIENTISTS (elementary school)

  • P. S. Blackawton, S. Airzee, A. Allen, S. Baker, A. Berrow, C. Blair, M. Churchill, J. Coles, R. F.-J., Cumming, L. Fraquelli, C. Hackford, A. Hinton Mellor, M. Hutchcroft, B. Ireland, D. Jewsbury, A., Littlejohns, G. M. Littlejohns, M. Lotto, J. McKeown, A. O’Toole, H. Richards, L. Robbins-Davey, S., Roblyn, H. Rodwell-Lynn, D. Schenck, J. Springer, A. Wishy, T. Rodwell-Lynn, D. Strudwick and R.B. Lotto (2011). “Blackawton bees.” Biol. Lett. 7, 168–172.
    • The above article was followed in the Biology Letters journal by this salutatory commentary written by two professional scientists.
    • [To the best of my knowledge, this peer-reviewed article is the only scientific paper in which a group of English primary school students were listed as co-authors. You can see/hear more about this groups students’ remarkable scientific journey not only in this fast-moving TED Talk, but also in this slower moving YouTube video (Part 1 and Part 2) produced by the Royal Society.]

STUDENT SCIENTISTS (middle school)

Founded in 2012 by a graduate student at Harvard, the Journal of Emerging Investigators (JEI) is a science journal and mentorship program publishing research by middle and high school scientists. The papers listed below are linked directly to their website.


STUDENT SCIENTISTS (undergraduate)




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