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Now that you know a little bit about replication investigations, you are ready to complete some exercises. (If you don’t yet know anything about replication investigations then please visit the About page.) The readings and exercises below are designed to help you build important abilities, competencies, and skills related to scientific work designed to replicate other scientific studies whether descriptive, comparative, experimental, or modelling studies.

READINGS (texts)

OI.R.Rt1 –
OI.R.Rt2 –
OI.R.Rt3 –
OI.R.Rt4 –
OI.R.Rt5 –

READINGS (websites)

OI.R.Rw1 –
OI.R.Rw2 –
OI.R.Rw3 –
OI.R.Rw4 –
OI.R.Rw5 –


OI.R.E1 –
OI.R.E2 –
OI.R.E3 –
OI.R.E4 –
OI.R.E5 –
OI.R.E6 –
OI.R.E7 –
OI.R.E8 –
OI.R.E9 –
OI.R.E10 –

Last updated: May 2017