Equipment Checks & Care

[Expect this page to be fully updated soon.]


Equipment Checks are regular occurrences in Dr. Merritt’s classroom. In fact, students can expect them to occur once per week. During a ‘check,’ Dr. M will ask students to produce particular (required) school items–for example, a piece of lined, A4 notebook paper, a blue or black pen, a sharpened pencil, a highlighter pen, or a metric ruler. If students can produce the requested items from their own personal belongings in a timely manner, then they earn full credit (1 point). If they cannot, then they earn no credit (0 points). If only one of two items can be produced, for example, then they earn half credit (0.5 points)…and so on.

Here is an official list of the personal items that Dr. Merritt can ask students to produce at the start of any science class:

1 pencil (preferably a mechanical pencil)
1 eraser
4 ballpoint (or gel) pens — black, blue, red, green
2 highlighter markers — pink and yellow
1 Sharpie (permanent, water-resistant) marker – black
1 metric ruler (the ruler must have both centimeters and millimeters)
3 pieces of (blank) lined notebook paper – A4-sized
3 pieces of (blank) graph paper – 5 mm x 5 mm OR 10 mm x 10 mm


The following personal items are optional (but recommended!) and thus will notbe requested during an Equipment Check:

2-3 additional highlighter markers (e.g., orange, green, blue)
Colored pencils (just a basic, 6-12 color pencil set will be adequate)
1 pair of scissors
1 glue stick
1 small roll of clear/SCOTCH/cello/sello tape
1 pencil case or item organizer
White-Out/TIPPEX/Correction Tape/Correction Fluid