G6 Week 03

Last week in science!

Monday, September 17th – No classes today

Today in science: There were no science classes today due to the MS Founder’s Day class hikes.

Homework: —

Tuesday, September 18th

Today in science: The themes for today’s lesson were “Observation,” “Description” and “Bony Fish Anatomy.” Students were asked to put a blank diagram of a bony fish into their lab notebooks and label the names of the parts–as well as their basic functions–following Dr. M’s example on the whiteboard. Students were then asked to look at a collection of 10 (illustrated) fish and describe each of them in their lab notebooks by using their newly acquired fish anatomy vocabulary.

Homework: Students have been asked to spend 20 minutes continuing their anatomical fish descriptions. These are the same descriptions we started during the last 15 minutes of today’s science class. Students do NOT have to finish all 10 of their fish anatomy descriptions, but they should spend 20 minutes adding to their already existing written descriptions.

Wednesday, September 19th

Today in science: The themes for today’s lesson were “Description” and, in some cases, “Comparison.” Students continued working on the descriptions of the 10 illustrated fish (see above) by focusing on descriptions that utilized the fish anatomy vocabulary presented during Tuesday’s lesson.

Homework: If they were unable to finish their 10 fish descriptions in class, students have been asked to spend another 20 minutes continuing their anatomical fish descriptions for homework.

Thursday, September 20th

Today in science: The main theme of today’s lesson was “Identifying and Phrasing Variables.” After working with Dr. M to identify different visible traits found within our 10 fishes, Dr. M then showed students how to craft 3-7 word phrases that would allow them to group their fish into groups depending on their shared similarities and differences. Examples were written on the board such as “…the length of the caudal fin” and “the number of spots on the dorsal fin.”

Homework: There is no science homework this weekend unless a student did not finish all 10 of their variable sentences during class.

Friday, September 21st

Today in science: A period science class does not meet on Fridays.

Homework: —