G6 Week 04

Last week in science!

Monday, September 24th

Today in science: The main themes for today’s lesson were “internal anatomy” and “organs.” Students were asked to fill in two (blank) diagrams–one of a fish and one of a human. Inside of these empty figures, students were asked to draw (and label) pictures of the organs they believe are found inside of both the fish and the human. Dr. M used this illustration activity to assess the degree to which his 6th grade students already know–or don’t–the names and locations of the vital internal organs found in a) fish and b) humans. Students are not expected to know the names and locations of the organs at this point (but especially those found in the fish!). However, Dr. M needs to see what students already know about animal organs and their locations.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, September 25th

Today in science: The main themes for today’s lesson were “scientific classification” and “human organs.” Dr. M gave a brief presentation at the beginning of the class explaining how scientists have grouped living organisms into different categories–for example, animals, plants, fungi, protists, and bacteria. He also drew a diagram on the board in which students could see how scientists classify living organisms in a level-like structure of organization. Students can see and print (or copy) these class notes from this link.

After the presentation, students continued working on what we are calling their “Frankenstein” body drawings. Today, however, rather than just relying on their previous knowledge as a resource, students were given some of their previously completed work to help increase the accuracy of their organ drawings and positioning.

Homework: Students should follow the directions found at the top of worksheet 7Aa(3), which will help them complete tonight’s homework assignment. The purpose of this exercise is to become more familiar with the positions of just some of the major human body organs. If students are able to do so, they should try to name the organs taken from worksheet 7Aa(4) and placed onto worksheet 7Aa(3). Ivan P. and Jenny B. do NOT have to complete this assignment because they already completed it when they were in Mrs. Bloodworth’s science class.

Wednesday, September 26th

Today in science: The main themes for today’s lesson were “human organ names” and “human organ functions.” At the start of class, Dr. M explained to students his homework marking policy, which consists of a series of marks: EE (exceeds expectations), ME (meets expectations), AE (approaches expectations), BE (below expectations), and WBE (well below expectations). Dr. M explained how to earn each of these marks by using today’s homework as an example. Students put their homework assignments into the class inbox after adding the names, and brief functions, of each of the organs glued to the paper.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Thursday, September 27th

Today in science: The main theme for today’s lesson was “levels of organization.” At the start of class, Dr. M handed back yesterday’s homework with a score (out of 10 points). Dr. M then asked students to recall, to the best of their ability, a diagram that he drew and on the whiteboard during Wednesday’s science class. Students used a half-piece of paper for this memory exercise. Dr. M then re-drew the diagram–but this time with some added features (e.g., words with the arrows)–and asked students to copy the drawing onto a larger sheet of paper, which can be used as a study guide for next Wednesday’s quiz. Students were then shown at least two strategies to help prepare them for the quiz.

In the final part of the class period, Dr. M asked students to use the SLO-MO (slow motion) function of the camera to film a partner whose eyes have been covered by the hands for 30 seconds and then exposed to the light. For the last 10 minutes of the period, students experimented with their camera to capture the reaction of the black part of the eye to sudden light exposure. These videos will be analyzed on Monday.

Homework: The only weekend homework is to begin preparing for next Wednesday’s science quiz.

Friday, September 28th

Today in science: A period science class does not meet on Fridays.

Homework: —