G6 Week 05

Last week in science!

Monday, October 1st

Today in science: The main theme for today’s lesson was “the human eye–structure and function(s).” After reassigning student numbers and mailboxes, Dr. Merritt asked students to try filling out the Job of the Pupil portion of a handout while utilizing a word bank that contained the following words: dilates, relaxing, damage, constricts, iris, less, more, retina. After checking and discussing the correct answers, Dr. M showed students some video footage of (actual) human pupil dilation. Near the end of the lesson, Dr. M told students that Thursday’s quiz will include the ideas found in the Job of the Pupil handout.

Homework: Students should continue preparing for Thursday’s science quiz, which is described in greater detail on Veracross.

Tuesday, October 2nd

Today in science: The main theme for today’s lesson was “the human eye–responding to light.” Using the Job of the Pupil handout from yesterday’s class, students were asked to add notes to the document so that words such as “iris,” “pupil,” “contracting,” “constricts,” “dilates” and “relaxing” could be understood more easily. Dr. M also gave the students two of the quiz questions he plans to ask students on Thursday: 1) What happens to the eye in bright light?, and 2) What happens to the eye in dimmer light? Students were asked to model their written answers after the ideas (and sequence) in the sentences found on the Job of the Pupil handout. Near the end of the period, students began completing a diagram of a side view of the human eye which will not be a part of Thursday’s quiz.

Homework: Students have been asked to spend 20 minutes at home tonight preparing for Thursday’s quiz.

Wednesday, October 3rd

Today in science: More time was spent during today’s lesson in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz. Students were asked to try answering at least two practice questions. Dr. M then spent time showing students how he might give points for the answers to each of the two questions. In order to help students better understand what happens to the eye in both bright and dim light conditions, Dr. Merritt asked students to watch and describe the action of the iris and pupil in a ‘creepy’ eye animation that can be viewed again at this website.

Homework: Students have been asked to spend 20 minutes at home tonight preparing for Thursday’s quiz.

Thursday, October 4th

Today in science: Students were given a few minutes at the start of the lesson to review their notes and/or study materials. Dr. M also used some time today to explain his behavior expectations during (and after) the quiz, as well as his system for re-taking a quiz if/when students are not satisfied with their performance. After the quiz, Dr. M used part of the correct answer to quiz question #3 to explain to students where our lessons have been during Weeks 1-5, and where they’re going in the weeks (and months) ahead.

Homework: There is no science homework over the 3-day weekend. However, Dr. M recommends that students spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying natural environments and fresh air. If/when spending time indoors, Dr. M hopes his students find the time to read a really good book.

Friday, October 5th

Today in science: A period science class does not meet on Fridays. 😦

Homework: —