G6 Week 14

Last week in science!

Monday, December 3rd

Today in science: As a class, we updated our cell structure tables to make sure that each organism listed the cell structures it actually contains. We went through each row and each column to make sure that our “X”s were put into the correct boxes.

Homework: Only students who have not successfully completed all six of the cell diagrams have homework tonight.

Tuesday, December 4th

Today in science: Students were given color print outs of their six cell diagrams and instructed how to enter them into the lab notebook. Students were asked to leave a blank (empty) page to left of each diagram/table, which were put onto a right-hand page. They were then asked to title each page (with a single word) and write today’s date on the outside corner of each page. Lastly, students were asked to enter the (12) newly created pages into their Table of Contents.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, December 5th

Today in science: After properly titling and dating each of the twelve new pages of our lab notebooks, students were asked to update their Table of Contents. On each of the six blank pages students were then asked to write the words “Domain” and “Kingdom” on the top two lines. Dr. M then explained the three domain classification system used by scientists to classify all of the known organisms on Earth, in which all of the known organisms on Earth are placed into either the Eukarya, Bacteria, or Archaea domain. It was discussed that each of the organisms represented within our six cell diagrams–banana (fruit cells), Elodea (leaf cells), humans (cheek cells), paramecium, amoeba, and euglena–are all actually members of the Eukarya Domain. Why? Because all of them have cells that contain a nucleus surrounded (or enclosed) by a membrane.

Because, for example, banana trees and humans are quite different types of organisms, it was then discussed that the Eukarya Domain is further broken down into four “Kingdoms”: Plant, Animal, Fungi, and Protist. Before the end of class, students were expected to have the Domain and Kingdom information of all six of our cell diagram organisms recorded in their lab notebooks. Students can access this information (and more!) in the Notes Portal.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Thursday, December 6th

Today in science: The main theme for today’s lesson was “the needs and habits of different Eukarya organisms.” Students were asked to add information to their lab notebooks related to energy sources, habitat needs, and reproduction strategies of the six Eukarya organisms discussed in Tuesday and Wednesday’s lessons. During the discussion of banana plants, Dr. M took some time to draw an illustration to help students think about a rather perplexing but interesting question: How is it possible that banana trees can make sugar from air, water, and sunlight? The simplistic illustration he drew for students to address this question can be seen below.

During the note-taking exercise, Dr. M encouraged students to find ways of saving time by, for example, making his writing shorter and more focused. Before the end of class, students were asked to complete the class notes for all six of the Eukarya organisms before Monday’s science class. Students can access these notes in the Grade 6 Notes Portal.

Homework: Students are expected to complete the class notes for all SIX of the organisms added to their lab notebooks on Tuesday & Wednesday (banana tree, elodea plant, human being, paramecium, amoeba, euglena). This assignment should be completed before Monday’s science lesson.

Friday, December 7th

Today in science: Unfortunately, A period science class does not meet on Fridays.

Homework: —