G6 Week 15

Last week in science!

Monday, December 10th

Today in science: Because the behavior of some protists is difficult to observe, Dr. M introduced the world of protists through this short movie-like video.

He also collected some video clips of interesting behaviors of the our three protists–paramecium, amoeba, and euglena–for students to view.

feeding and moving
moving, feeding, dying, splitting, and clumping together
eating red-stained yeast
meeting another microscopic organism (a tardigrade)

hunting and feeding

moving and feeding
moving and changing shape
moving very, very slowly

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, December 11th

Today in science: We began a mini-unit today as part of our 6th grade Week of Code. After creating an account with their school email address on the Trinket website, and after watching a short video introducing students to the Turtle trinket, students began working their way through an introductory activity called “Run your first program!” This Turtle program can be accessed for practice by using this LINK, but now that students have their own Trinket accounts it’s better if they work within their own accounts because they can save their work.

Today’s lesson was devoted to learning the basics of a programming language named Python. Python is a programming language that powers websites and apps like Yelp.com and Twitter. It is quite powerful, but relatively easy to learn.

Homework: Dr. Merritt encourages his 6th grade science students to log back into their Trinket.io account from their laptop (or desktop) computers at home and spend another 20 minutes working on the Turtle project they began in today’s class. When finished, please try to send the latest version of your Turtle program to Dr. Merritt–whether it’s finished or not–by selecting the SHARE button, which is at the top right of the small coding window, and then the EMAIL option. His email is brett.merritt “at” (@) tasis.ch

If for some reason you have difficulties either logging into your Trinket account or sending your work to Dr. M after working on it for 20 minutes, please email Dr. M and explain the issue(s) you encountered.

Wednesday-Thursday, December 12-13th

Today in science: All students were given in-class work time to continue building their own personal Python Trinkets. Some students furthered the projects they created on Tuesday, while others created entirely new projects. On Thursday, Dr. M challenged any interested students to code a Christmas tree for him within the 60-minute class period.

Homework: Your only homework over the Winter Vacation is to enjoy the company of friends and family, make time for lots of rest and relaxation, be thankful, do something nice for someone, try something new (but healthy!), and read at least one book for pleasure. Of course, any students who wish to continue their coding work are more than welcome to do so. Dr. M encourages all students who code to share their work with him via email.

Friday, December 14th – Happy New Year!

Today in science: Unfortunately, A period science class does not meet on Fridays.