G6 Week 01 – S2

Friday, February 2nd

Today in science: Building on yesterday’s class discussion, we began the class period by watching another collection of short videos describing, among other topics, “the Big Bang,” white, black and red dwarfs, and the life cycle of stars. There was much discussion among the students and, not surprisingly, more questions than answers. Quite happily, we never got back to reading Lesson Cluster 2. 🙂

Homework: There is no science homework during the 3-day weekend.

Thursday, February 1st

Today in science: We began reading Lesson Cluster 2 in class today. However, before getting past the first two paragraphs on page 1, the class became obsessed about a question asked by one of the students. This student asked, “Dr. Merritt, where do the atoms found in water molecules come from?”

This is not an easy question to answer, but as a way of approach one, we watched three short videos that each described something known as “the Big Bang.” Two of the three videos we watched in class are embedded below.

Homework: All brochures must be completed by Friday, February 2.

Wednesday, January 31st

Today in science: Students continued working on their “States of Water” brochures. As he mentioned in class on Monday, Friday is the day on which Dr. Merritt will accept completed brochures and consider them as “timely.”

Homework: All brochures must be completed by Friday, February 2.

Tuesday, January 30th

Today in science: H period does not meet on Tuesdays.


Monday, January 29th – Beginning of Semester 2

Today in science: Students filled out a Semester 1 questionnaire in class today.

Homework: A final due date for the States of Water brochure has now been set. All brochures must be completed and given to Dr. Merritt on Friday, February 2. If completed before then, students are more than welcome to give them to Dr. M on either Wednesday or Thursday. If not, then Friday is the ‘official’ due date.