G6 Week 01

Friday, September 8th

Today in science: We used “Fred” today (our anatomical model) to see how many of his major organs students could name by sight. Students were also asked to write the function of each of the named organs if they knew them. After, students used worksheet 7(Aa)1 “Human Organs 1” to match a picture of the major organs with their name and function(s). Students then compared their completed worksheet with the answers given at the beginning of class when looking at Fred. From this comparison, it was clear that although students had a good sense of what the brain, lungs, stomach, and heart do, they knew much less about the primary function(s) of the liver and intestines.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Thursday, September 7th

Today in science: At the beginning of class today, students had the outline of their body traced onto a large piece of drawing paper. On this outline, they were asked to draw and label all of the body organs they could remember. During the activity, questions arose such as, What is an organ? and, What are tissues? At the end of the activity students were asked to take notes from the white board that contained the following ideas:

organisms (are made of) organ systems…
organ systems (are made of) organs…
organs (are made of) tissues…
tissues (are made of) cells…
cells (are made of) molecules…
molecules (are made of) atoms…
atoms (are made of) electrons, protons, & neutrons

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, September 6th

Today in science: At the beginning of class today, students were reminded of the due date for bring the list of required school supplies to class (Monday, 11 September). They were then asked to complete Dr. Merritt’s “Get To Know You” survey, a Google Form that he shared with students via the link found on this page, but also via email. This survey contained two extended response questions, which served as a student writing sample for Dr. Merritt.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, September 5th

Today in science: G period science does not meet on Tuesdays.

Homework: —

Monday, September 4th

Today in science: Today in class Dr. Merritt welcomed his 6th graders to science class with a welcome activity. Students also received a (paper) handout listing the school supplies Dr. Merritt expects all of his 6th grade science students to bring to class.

Homework: Think of a question you’d like to ask Dr. Merritt in class tomorrow that will help you get to know him better.


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