G6 Week 02 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, February 1st  (no school)

Today in science: —

Homework: —

Tuesday, February 2nd 

Today in science: There will be a circuit symbols quiz on Friday, 5 Feb. In this quiz, students will be asked to know the names, symbols, AND functions of 12 circuit components. Study guides and other quiz prep resources are listed below…

  1. Two-sided printable PDF with all symbols, names, and functions
  2. The four simple circuit trinkets students made at the end of last semester (www.trinket.io): Batteries, Wires, Actors, Measurers
  3. Some of the more recent pages in the Grade 6 Notes Portal

During the lesson, students spent time either completing last Friday’s “Current Investigation,” which involved building and testing circuits 001-006, and then answering two reflection questions assigned to them in the Google Science Classroom. After that, students were asked to draw a new circuit in their Lab Notebooks, circuit 007, and two new observation tables in which to record the data from their tests (bulb brightness (e.g., “bright” or “dim”) and current (in amps)).

Homework: Study for Friday’s Circuit Symbols quiz.

Thursday, February 4th

Today in science: Using today as a catch-up day, students were asked to make sure they had finished building, testing, and collecting data for Circuits 001-006, which included answering two questions posted by Dr. M to the Google Science Classroom. Students also had time to continue working on Circuit 007.

Homework: Study for Friday’s Circuit Symbols quiz.

Friday, February 5th

Today in science: After completing Circuit Symbol’s Quiz #2, students were asked to pick up where they left off at the end of yesterday’s lesson, that is, working on the building, testing, and data collection of Circuit 007. For those students able to complete their work on this circuit, Dr. M then asked these students to build, test, and collect data for two new circuits, Circuits 008 and 009.

Homework: There is no science homework this weekend.