G6 Week 02

Friday, September 15th

Today in science: 

Homework: Students should spend some time this weekend preparing for next Tuesday’s human organ quiz. Students should also make efforts to locate and/or purchase any of the required class materials as sometime next week Dr. Merritt will do the first ‘official’ Equipment Check.

Thursday, September 14th

Today in science: After sharing their knowledge of the name and function of one human body organ at the start of class, students were asked to list the main function (or functions) of each of the major human body organs found on an already-completed worksheet that had been done in their lab/exercise notebooks (most students had done this exercise when in Mrs. Bloodworth’s class). To complete this task, students made use of the Exploring Science 7 textbooks, which are kept in the classroom. Dr. Merritt also announced to students that they have a human organ quiz on Tuesday, September 19.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, September 13th

Today in science: At the start of class, Dr. Merritt explained the use of the Classroom Science Binder. He then gave each student their own binder, which was labelled with a student number. In their lab/exercise notebooks, students then added a couple of materials to their “required class materials” page followed by notes that contained key terms such as ORGANISMS, ORGAN SYSTEMS, ORGANS, TISSUES, CELLS, MOLECULES, and ATOMS (including PROTONS, NEUTRONS, and ELECTRONS). To their notes, Dr. Merritt also asked students to add definitions of the words “organs” and “tissues.”

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, September 12th

Today in science: G period science does not meet on Tuesdays.

Homework: —

Monday, September 11th – All periods

Today in science: Because of schedule changes for many 6th grade students, today’s science class was a chance for his new H period students to learn a little bit about Dr. Merritt and his science class. Among other things, Dr. M introduced his students to the www.SCIENCEsEDiment.com website, distributed a handout listing the nine required school materials needed for every science class, and issued students their numbered mailboxes. He also asked students to complete worksheet 7(Aa)1 “Human Organs 1,” which asked them to match a picture of the major organs with their name and function(s).

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.