G6 Week 02

Last week in science!

Monday, September 14th

Today in science:After checking to see which students had fulfilled the requirement of securing the correct type of lab/field notebook, students were asked to begin preparing their notebooks for use by following a few of the guidelines found within the Notebook section of this website. Today, this preparation involved, 1) recording contact information on either the inside cover or the cover page, 2) adding a personalized note attempting to persuade an individual to return a lost notebook to the student-owner, and 3) reserving two specific pages for a future “Table of Contents.” Dr. M then showed some classes the location of their Digital Lab/Field Notebooks, which he created for each student in the Google Classroom. In some cases, he asked students to begin personalizing the first page of the pre-formatted document with personal information and a picture. Finally, students were asked to complete a short pre-test to assess their ability to accurately determine the temperature readings found on a thermometer.

Homework: Any student yet to obtain the correct type of Lab/Field Notebook (as well as a protective plastic cover) should do so as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 15th

Today in science:It was clear from Monday’s “Reading Thermometers” pre-test that most students needed instruction on how to read them scientifically, that is, with both precision and accuracy. After providing instructions to students on these matters (the key points of which are summarized in the Grade 6 Notes Portal), as well as providing a number of practice problems, Dr. M asked students to use their new instrument reading skills to revise their original pre-test and to complete a new set of practice problems to reinforce today’s classroom instruction, but any student yet to obtain the correct type of Lab/Field Notebook (as well as a protective plastic cover) should do so as soon as possible.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, September 16th

Today in science: Upon entering the classroom, Dr. M asked students to demonstrate their reading thermometer skills with 8 practice problems. Then, in preparation for our first science investigation, students were asked to finish preparing both their actual lab/field notebook and their digital lab/field notebook according to instructions and examples provided by Dr. M up at the whiteboard. In the actual lab/field notebook, this involved completing the cover page, a notebook ‘finders’ note, two identical Table of Content pages (each with 3 columns), and page numbers throughout the notebook. In the digital notebook, this involved customizing the cover page with personal information and a cover photo/image.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Thursday, September 17th

Today in science: The first 10 minutes of today’s class were dedicated to preparations for our first (descriptive) investigation, which we called “Campus Noticing.” After preparing page 1 of our lab/field notebooks, students spent the bulk of the class period practicing the arts of noticing and wondering. To do this, they inhabited a single part of the TASIS campus–the forested hill in front of De Nobili (aka. the ‘Theatre’)–for approximately 20-30 minutes. Using 4 of their 5 senses (but not taste!), students recorded both their noticings and their wonderings in a 2-column table created on page 1 of their lab/field notebook.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Friday, September 18th

Today in science: After updating the Table of Contents (TOC) of their actual lab/field notebook, students were shown how to make an entry in their digital lab/field notebook. This process included learning how to use the built-in TOC feature of Google Docs, as well as inserting (data) tables and making use of the Font Style feature. By the end of the lesson, most students had not yet successfully digitized their entire Campus Noticing I investigation. For homework, see below…

Homework: Students have been asked to transfer all of their handwritten work from page 1 (or pages 1-2) of their ACTUAL lab notebook into their DIGITAL lab notebook. Although a few students finished this work in class, most students need to spend some time at home completing this task. To summarize this assignment differently: Each student must type his/her “What I Noticed…” and “What I Wondered…” sections of Thursday’s outdoor Campus Noticing I investigation into a specially created page in their digital lab notebook.