G6 Week 04 – S2

Wednesday-Friday, February 21st-23rd

Today in science: Students continued working their way through The Variables Gauntlet. These six exercises must be completed and given to Dr. Merritt by the end of Friday’s science class. If needed, students can access all six stages of the gauntlet in the links provided below.

#1 – Practice Set 2G.20
#2 – Practice Set 2G.24
#3 – Practice Set 2G.23
#4 – Practice Set 2G.22
#5 – Practice Set 2G.21
#6 – Practice Set 2G.30

On Wednesday, Dr. Merritt provided students with two different sentence formulas for the purpose of helping students improve their accuracy and precision when identifying variables. These two formulae are listed below.

MV & RV – the ____________ of the____________
                             (quantity word or                     (noun)
                                quality word)

CVs – the same ____________ of the____________
                             (quantity word or                     (noun)
                                quality word)

Homework: There is no science homework during the MS Winter Adventure in St. Moritz.

Tuesday, February 20th

Today in science: H period does not meet on Tuesdays.

Homework: —

Monday, February 19th

Today in science: Picking up on last Friday’s class activity, Dr. Merritt reviewed with students the three types of variables. To review, students were asked to once again identify the manipulated variable (MV) and responding variable (RV) in experiments PS22 and LS12. Students were then asked to identify five controlling variables (CVs) in the same two experiments. Finally, were asked to identify all three types of variables in a new experiment, LS33.

Homework: Students received the first of six identifying variables problems that Dr. Merritt affectionately calls, “The Gauntlet.” The first challenge in the 6-stage gauntlet is Practice Set 2G.20. A student looking to meet expectations will provide, as specified in the directions, 1 correctly phrased MV, 1 correctly phrased RV, and 1 correctly phrased CV. A student looking to exceed expectations will provide 1 correctly phrased MV, 1 correctly phrased RV, and 3-5 correctly phrased CVs.