G6 Week 05

Last week in science!

Monday, October 5th

Today in science: After reviewing his bathroom/break policy, Dr. M gave students a few additional minutes to recall and list the names of human organs in their lab notebook. Then, on a single-page human body handout, students were asked to record some notes recorded on the whiteboard. These notes can be viewed in the Notes Portal. The class definition of “organ(s)” can be found on the LMNOP section of the SCIENCEsEDiment Glossary.

Homework: On the back of their human body handout, students were asked to write the names of the 11 major organ systems in humans. They can use the digital class textbooks in our Google Classroom or any trustworthy webpage. Just the names of the organ system are required. Students do not need to write the definitions (or functions) of the systems.

Tuesday, October 6th

Today in science: After checking in last night’s homework assignment, Dr. M had students check their list of the 11 major organ systems for accuracy. The ways in which we will discuss the human organ systems this year have been recorded in the Notes Portal. They have been grouped according to which systems work the most closely together. In order to learn more about how John gained so much mass, it was decided that the digestive system would be the first body system to study. On a paper handout, students were then asked to locate 5 of the organs constituting the digestive system and write down their main function. Finally, students were shown a short video showing actual footage food moving through a human digestive system.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, October 7th

Today in science: The very first science project was announced today in class, which is actually an engineering project. Students have been challenged to build a functioning model of a human mouth. Many of the most important details about this new project can be viewed in the Notes Portal.

Homework: TASIS science teachers are not allowed to assign homework on Wednesdays, but some students have said they would like to start collecting supplies and materials for their new modelling project.

Thursday, October 8th

Today in science: To support, structure, and guide students during the Human mouth model project, Dr. Merritt introduced students to the digital Engineering Journal. Each student will be required to maintain and complete an Engineering Journal during their entire project. The Engineering Journal is based on a carefully sequenced engineering process used by actual professional engineers when designing solutions to real-world challenges and/or problems.

Homework: Students have been asked to complete the Brainstorming slides 1 & 2 in their new Engineering Journal (these journal are in the Google Classroom) before the start of Friday’s science lesson. Students do NOT need to complete Brainstorming slide 3. When looking for the answers to questions listed on Brainstorming slide 1, students should consider using the SCIENCEsEDiment Grade 6 Notes Portal. When looking for the definitions of words found on Brainstorming slide 2, students should consider using the SCIENCEsEDiment Glossary pages.

Friday, October 9th – E period only (no F period)

Today in science: Because of the alternate (half-day) school schedule, F period students did not have a science lesson today. E period students were thus given time to continue working on their new Engineering Journals, which were introduced in yesterday’s class.

Homework: There is no science homework during Family Weekend, but should they choose to students are free to work on their new engineering project (human mouth model). Since there is no school on Monday, the next science lesson is on Tuesday, 13 Oct.