G6 Week 06

Thursday-Friday, October 12-13th

Today in science: Students had class time to work on their microscope drawings and/or photos. As a guide to help them use their class time wisely, Dr. Merritt put the following information on the whiteboard:

Specimen          Genus species            Magnification (drawings)
Earthworm          Lumbricus terrestris     40x, 100x, 400x, 400x
Banana                 Musa acuminata            40x, 100x, 400x, 400x
Yellow Onion      Allium cepa                      1 photo sent to Dr. M
Corn stem            Zea mays                          40x, 100x, 400x, 400x
Cheek cells          Homo sapiens                  40x, 100x, 400x, 400x

Homework: If they haven’t yet done so, Dr. Merritt has asked students to send this assignment to him as soon as possible. Dr. Merritt’s email is brett.merritt “at” tasis.ch

Wednesday, October 11th

Today in science: After an exercise in which students were asked to use two different color highlighter markers to indicate either “cells” or “tissues” on some of the microscope drawings, Dr. Merritt asked students to spend time catching up on drawings of the following specimens: earthworm (intestinal system) and banana. When finished, students were asked to making drawings from the corn stem cross section. This new set of drawings had the following title and caption:

TITLE – Prepared slide drawing, Specimen: Zea mays
CAPTION – A prepared slide of a corn stem in cross section. Stain: unknown

Homework: Last Friday, during a lesson taught by our guest science teacher, Mrs. Bloodworth, students were asked to send Dr. Merritt an email that contained a labelled photo of an onion cell stained with cotton blue stain. As of Wednesday, 11 October, only two H period students had managed to do so successfully (02H, 05H). Dr. Merritt is asking other students to send this assignment to him as soon as possible. Dr. Merritt’s email is brett.merritt “at” tasis.ch. IF students do NOT yet have a good image of an onion cell, then MORE time will be provided in class on both Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday, October 10th

Today in science: H period does not meet on Tuesdays.

Homework: —

Monday, October 9th – No School

Today in science: There were no science classes today due to the 3-day weekend.

Homework: —