G6 Week 06

Last week in science!

Monday, October 7th – No school (3-day weekend)

Today in science:

Homework: —

Tuesday, October 8th

Today in science: After having been invited to turn in a paper copy of Flavour Report #01 (Cherry tomato), students were asked to complete a “What I know…” writing exercise about the following terms: ELECTRICITY, CIRCUITS, ELECTRONS, ENERGY, POWER, and BATTERY. They were also asked, to the best of their ability, to draw an electrical “circuit.”

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, October 9th

Today in science: After providing each student with the “Circuit Symbols” handout, in which one of the columns was left blank/empty, Dr. M asked students to add important notes to it. He also demonstrated how students might highlight certain information to make the handout even more useful as a learning tool. After the note taking exercise, students also received a second copy of the handout, but this time the column was not left blank/empty. Of this second copy, it was said students could use this to prepare for next week’s quiz in any way they wished.

Homework: It was announced in class that the first quiz would cover the material presented on the “Circuit Symbols” handout.

Thursday, October 10th

Today in science: After preparing a new entry in their Lab Notebooks (title: Simple Circuits), students spent time building circuits from three diagrams shown on the whiteboard. After successfully constructing the circuit shown in the diagram, students were then asked to use yesterday’s quiz notes to write sentences describing this circuit. To do this accurately, Dr. M modeled the first sentence and had students use it as a helper sentence to write the remaining ones.

Homework: Students might spend 20 minutes preparing for next week’s “Circuit Symbols” quiz.

Friday, October 11th (Family Weekend)

Today in science: After students took their visiting parents through a mini-Flavour School exercise involving smell, Dr. Merritt used the presentation below to show how Flavour School fits within the larger Grade 6 science curriculum.

Homework: There is no science homework during Family Weekend.