G6 Week 07 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, March 8th

Today in science: Students used today for the purpose of reviewing/revising for the Electrical Circuits unit test. They had the entire period to ask questions, review materials, and ask Dr. M for practice questions.

Homework: Review for the test.

Tuesday & Thursday, March 9th & 11th

Today in science: Students spent the entire period working on the Electrical Circuits unit test, both parts I (reading ammeters) and II (electricity/circuits)

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Friday, March 12th

Today in science: Each student was issued his/her their own Makey Makey to take home this weekend. After showing students a newly created resource section in the Google Science Classroom, Dr. M issued a Makey Makey to each student and asked them to inventory their kit before then giving students permission to experiment with them in class.

Homework: Dr. M is hoping that students make all kinds of new creations with their Makey Makey this weekend. To collect students’ amazing creations, Dr. M has created a place in the Google Science Classroom for students to upload videos of their creations/projects.