G6 Week 08

Last week in science!

Monday, October 26th

Today in science: After a quick school supplies check (but in particular for at least 2 pieces loose-leaf, lined writing paper), we began our official ‘post-mortem’ of our Human Mouth Modelling project. The first stage of this multi-stage activity involved students creating something Dr. M called “thematic sentences” from pairs of “thematic items.” All of the thematic item pairs used in class–as well as an example–can be viewed in the Notes Portal. During the lesson, Dr. M asked students to create 12 thematic sentences–based on 12 pairs of thematic items–on a piece of loose-leaf writing paper. If students completed all 12 sentences before the end of the class period, Dr. M collected them.

Homework: Any students who did/could not complete today’s Thematic Sentences activity in class should do so at home. Dr. Merritt will collect them at the start of the next class period.

Tuesday, October 27th

Today in science: Building on yesterday’s Thematic Sentence exercises, students were given a 2-item thematic sentence template on which to create five new thematic sentences involving the following pairs of words:


Students were then given access to all (six!) of the classroom science textbooks so that they could try and create even more scientifically accurate, well-worded thematic sentences involving the MOUTH. Students were asked to hand in their work before leaving the classroom.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, October 28th

Today in science: Continuing the thematic sentences work on the MOUTH concept, students were given 2 new 2-item thematic sentence templates to develop two new concepts: the STOMACH and the SMALL INTESTINE. To support them in this work, students were asked to use all of the available classroom textbooks (we have 6 of them!), as well as all digestion handouts used in previous science lessons. During the lesson, while students worked independently, Dr. M met with students individually to review and discuss their previous work on the MOUTH concept.


Thursday, October 29th – No classes

Today in science: —

Homework: —

Friday, October 30th – No classes

Today in science: —

Homework: —