G6 Week 11

Last week in science!

Monday, November 16th

Today in science: Dr. M began the lesson by handing out grading sheets showing students their performance on Engineering Journal #01 – Human Mouth model. Then, using an “exemplary engineering journal,” which Dr. M created by using the best examples of slides from students’ own engineering journals, each period was able to see examples of outstanding engineering journal slides. Students were expected to correct each of their slides where required. Links to each of the exemplary journals are listed below…

E period Exemplary Engineering Journal
F period Exemplary Engineering Journal

Homework: There is no science homework tonight, but Dr. M has asked F period students to look at their Engineering Journal grading sheets and, if they disagree with any of the grades on any of the individual slides, to come speak with him anytime during the next 1-2 days.

Tuesday, November 17th

Today in science: Students had most of the lesson to work on a “Get-To-Know-Your-Digestion-Organ” assignment in which they were responsible for completing six information squares of A3-sized paper related to their assigned digestive system organ. The organization of A3-sized paper can be seen in the Notes Portal. This assignment is meant to yield more insightful, creative–and functionally accurate–models of the digestion organs, as well as higher-quality information to go in the Engineering Journal slides.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Thursday-Friday, November 19-20th

Today in science: After making new seating charts and assigning new (permanent) student numbers, Dr. M introduced a video collection in the Google Science Classroom meant to help students develop their understanding of their assigned digestive system organ. After spending some time as a whole class on Thursday watching a 4-minute Ted Ed video on the digestive system, students then had the remaining time to ‘mine’ the other videos for useful organ project/model knowledge.

Homework: This is no science homework this weekend.