G6 Week 12 – S2

Friday, May 4th

Today in science: Dr. Merritt handed back two graded assignments at the start of class. After discussing these and explaining how they were marked, students were asked to put them into their Classroom Science Binder so that these papers can be used as study guides for an (upcoming) acids/alkalis quiz. After that, we returned to our equation (see Thursday) in which we discussed the physical properties and molecular structure of hydrogen gas. This discussion was supported by examples of a hydrogen-filled ballon and a video of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster. For another interesting video of exploding hydrogen-filled balloons, see the video below!

Homework: There is no science homework this weekend.

Thursday, May 3rd

Today in science: Two screen captures from the whiteboard tell most of the story of our science class today.

Image 1

The first line in the image shows how our class was learning to describe a chemical reaction we created during last week’s acid/metal investigation in word/sentence form. The second line in the image shows how our class was learning to describe the same chemical reaction in symbolic/mathematical form. (We left this description unfinished because of a question about the nature of HCl.)

Image 2

This image captures how our class discussion examined how a single hydrogen and chorine atoms can come together to ‘bond,’ which we described as “sharing electrons.”

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, May 2nd

Today in science: After collecting, stamping, and returning the Get-To-Know-an-Atom sheets about hydrogen (H) and chlorine (Cl) atoms, Dr. Merritt asked students to check their answers. In checking their answers to the hydrogen sheet, Dr. Merritt gave students additions tips on how to 1) draw pictures of single atoms in more ‘scientific’ ways, 2) find basic information (e.g., atomic mass, atomic number, number of protons) on tools such as the periodic table of the elements, and 3) find basic information (e.g., melting point, boiling point, STP phase) on the individual element pages on sites like Wikipedia.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, May 1st

Today in science: H period science class does not meet on Tuesdays.

Homework: See Monday, April 30th

Monday, April 30th

Today in science: After collecting Monday’s Get-To-Know-an-Atom sheet about magnesium (Mg), Dr. M handed out two new blank sheets for students to investigate both hydrogen (H) and chlorine (Cl) atoms. All three of these atoms were used in last the experiments we performed in class last Thursday and Friday. If lost, extra copies of these blank atom sheets can be printed from THIS LINK.

Homework: Students have been asked to complete two Get-To-Know-an-Atom sheets, in which they learn a little bit about hydrogen (H) and chlorine (Cl) atoms before Wednesday’s science class.