G6 Week 12

Last week in science!

Monday, November 23rd

Today in science: Students were given the entire lesson to continue working on their A3-sized research paper for their digestive system organ. It was announced in class that today would be the last day to do so and that the remaining two classes this week would be dedicated to model drawing/design and model material(s) selection.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, November 24th

Today in science: Students had a chance to see and use a virtual reality (VR) App that allowed them to see inside of a human torso. The virtual reality was triggered by the presence of a special bar code printed onto a wearable t-shirt that looked, at first glance, like the outline of a human backbone and rib cage. When not exploring with the VR system, students were asked to begin making (scale) drawings of their planned model.

Homework:There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, November 25th

Today in science: Students began completing to a new document prepared for them by Dr. M and placed in the Google Classroom: “Looking ahead–Thinking about your model.” The aim of this planning document is to help students shift from ‘Research’ mode into ‘Design’ mode by explicitly asking students to identify the key structural and functional features of their digestive system organ and to identify household materials with similar structural properties and functional features. Although Dr. M was hoping students could complete the document before the end of the class period, it was clear students would need more time next week in order to do so.

Homework: Students are encouraged to begin collecting promising model-building materials identified by themselves in the “Looking Ahead” exercise/document.

Thurs-Fri, November 26-27th (No school)

Today in science: —

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