G6 Week 13 – S2

Friday, May 11th

Today in science: After answering questions about last night’s homework (pp. 192 & 193), students completed pp. 185 and 210 before then completing some practice test questions that Dr. Merritt projected onto the whiteboard. Dr. Merritt announced that the Acids & Alkalis test will be next Thursday, May 17th.

Homework: Use your lab notebook and your Acids & Alkalis packet to begin reviewing for next Thursday’s Acids & Alkalis test. For example, Dr. Merritt recommends taking each completed page in the packet and asking yourself the following question: What are the 2-3 main ideas found on this one page? He recommends writing these down on a separate piece of paper or in the lab notebook. Students could also review the safety symbols found in their lab notebooks.

Thursday, May 10th

Today in science: There was much discussion about the questions and tasks on last night’s homework (page 208). After the discussion, students were asked individual questions about the concepts on page 207 and then to complete pp. 195 before leaving class.

Homework: Students have been asked to complete pages 192 & 193 in their Acids & Alkalis packet before tomorrow’s science class. Neither page is expected to take students very long.

Wednesday, May 9th

Today in science: After answering questions and going over the answers to Monday’s homework (pp. 196 & 201). The class discussion of these two assignments took some time as many student had difficulties with questions 2 & 3 on page 196. Students were also given a little bit of time at the end of the class period to begin working on tonight’s homework (page 208).

Homework: Students should complete page 208 and in their Acids & Alkalis packet.

Tuesday, May 8th

Today in science: H period science class does not meet on Tuesdays.


Monday, May 7th

Today in science: Continuing our discussion from last Friday, we looked at the last remaining steps of writing a chemical equation for the HCl + Mg reaction. This work led to interesting discussions of bath salts, salt harvesting from the ocean, and what it means to dissolve in terms of atoms and molecules. At the end of the lesson, we recorded the following rule in our lab notebooks:

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed…only rearranged.

Homework: Students should complete pages 196 & 201 and in their Acids & Alkalis packet.