G6 Week 13 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, April 19th

Today in science: Students continued performing their first set of trials with the ski slope set at both 20 and 30 degrees and reporting their final data to Dr. Merritt. After graphing the data on a piece of graphing paper and securing it in their Lab Notebooks, students were then asked to repeat the same trials as before but this time with a skier and wheelchair skier of their own design/modification. The goal of this challenge is to make sure that their newly designed skier and wheelchair skier both travel a greater (average) distance than their previous skiers. To record the data for this new challenge, students had to create two more data tables in their Lab Notebooks.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, April 20th

Today in science: Rather than build new versions of their skiers today, students were asked to take a step back and examine the data generated by each team during the first series of 20 and 30 degree trials. Taking a step back meant learning how to create a properly scientific bar graph to represent this data. Dr. Merritt walked students through the graph-making process, step-by-step, so that students had created–or nearly finished creating–a scientific bar graph for the 20 degree data.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Thursday-Friday, April 22nd-23rd

Today in science: Students followed a ‘To do’ list projected on the whiteboard to guide their actions during these two science lessons.

Homework (Thursday): Although many students completed this assignment in class, some students may need to take time at home to complete it. Before the start of Friday’s science lesson, students need to complete TWO amazingly scientific bar graphs. Bar graph #1 shows the class averages of the SKIER at 20 degrees (most students completed this graph in class on Tuesday). Bar graph #2 shows the class averages of the WHEELCHAIR skier at 20 degrees. All class average data can be found through links found on the Grade 6 “This week in science!” page on SCIENCEsEDiment.

Homework (Friday): There is no science homework during the weekend.