G6 Week 13

Last week in science!

Monday, November 25

Today in science: After receiving their graded Electricity/Circuits test, students were asked to write a couple of sentences on the bottom of the cover page explaining why they believed the test went a) better than expected, b) as expected, or c) worse than expected. Next, Dr. M introduced students to two measuring instruments: plastic beakers and graduated cylinders. After watching part of a short video explaining how to use graduated cylinders, students were asked (in pairs) to use a 250 mL graduated cylinder and a plastic pipet to show liquid volumes of 190 mL and 223 mL.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, November 26

Today in science: In preparation for some of their upcoming investigations, students finished watching a short video explaining how to use graduated cylinders and used this viewing to record any additional useful strategies/tips for measuring the volume of liquids. After a brief exercise in which Dr. M asked students to calculate the value of each line (in mL) for the five sizes of graduated cylinders kept and used in the classroom, he then asked students to practice reading the scales of 12 graduated cylinders filled with colored liquids on this paper. Finally, students were shown a brief tutorial video on measuring with a centimeter ruler before receiving tonight’s homework (see below).

Homework: Students were asked to complete the exercises on pages 1-3 of a short packet designed to improve students’ ability to measure the length of lines in centimeters.

Wednesday, November 27

Today in science: Students spent a final day doing practice problems designed to improve students’ ability to measure the volume (in mL with graduated cylinders) and length (in cm with metric rulers). After completing the practice problems, students could check their answers with Dr. M to see their success and, if there were issues, how to overcome the made errors in the future.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Thursday, November 28

Today in science: After giving their recent measuring practice sheets to Dr. Merritt (both the graduated cylinder and centimeter ruler packets), Dr. M asked students to design a data table in which to record some ‘data’ about 7 mystery cubes: length (cm), width (cm), height (cm), volume (cm3), and volume (mL). After approving their data table, Dr. M began issuing the mystery cubes to students for investigation. This activity will be continued on Monday, 2 December.

Homework: There is no science homework during the long weekend.

Friday, November 29 – No school (Thanksgiving Break)

Today in science: —

Homework: —