G6 Week 13

Last week in science!

Monday-Friday, November 30th-December 4th

Today in science: Students worked for the entire period on one (or more) of the following assignments, all of which are related to the Digestive Organ Model project:

1. RESEARCH PAPER – The A3-sized paper which divided into six specific sections (see the Grade 6 Notes Portal for the section topics).

2. GOOGLE CLASSROOM DOCUMENT – The “Looking ahead–Thinking about your model” document that helps students choose their model materials by thinking about the actual function(s) of each of the organ parts (i.e., layers, structures, regions).

3. MATERIALS LIST & INSTRUCTIONS* – From the Google Classroom document, students are encouraged to create a ‘Materials needed’ list (including quantity estimates), as well as a set of writing instructions telling someone how to make their model.

4. MODEL – Dr. Merritt repeatedly suggested that the actual organ model be built from common, inexpensive (often re-purposed or recycled) household materials. This is a chance for students to exercise their creativity, imagination, and originality. This model will eventually be presented to the class so that other students can understand the digestive organ more deeply/scientifically.

5. PRESENTATION* – Your presentation is your opportunity to teach your classmates about the structure and function of your digestive organ. Of course, your organ model is the main part of your presentation, but you might wish to include other teaching elements in your presentation. For example, you might create a 1-page handout, a short booklet, a ‘fact’ sheet, access to a slide show or a video…etc.

* Not required, but a way to move towards Exceed Expectations (EE)

Homework: Each night this week, Dr. Merritt asked students to dedicate 20 minutes of time, energy, and effort outside of school into any one of the five main parts of the project listed above (students would be best served by working on their assignments in the order listed above). Students’ digestive organ models are due at the start of class on MONDAY (Monday’s class is not a time for model construction). However, students made an agreement with Dr. Merritt that finished projects can also be turned in–albeit for less (maximum) points possible–on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. The maximum point values are presented below:

MONDAY (model exceeds expectations) = 100 pts. possible (max)
TUESDAY (model exceeds expectations) = 95 pts. possible (max)
WEDNESDAY (model exceeds expectations) = 90 pts. possible (max)
THURSDAY (model exceeds expectations) = 85 pts. possible (max)
FRIDAY (model exceeds expectations) = 80 pts. possible (max)

Also important to remember: NO class time will be given to students for model-building during any of next week’s classes.