G6 Week 15

Last week in science!

Monday-Wednesday, December 14-16th

Today in science: After checking with students to make sure everyone has fully completed the Digestive System Organ model self-reflection, Dr. M introduced his 6th grade students to a 3-day coding challenge. Using a web-based programming interface called Trinket, Dr. M showed students how to create a (free) account and then to create a program that makes a turtle draw pictures for them. During the lesson, students were also given access to a paper resource to help them learn some of the coding ‘basics.’ This week’s 3-day coding challenge, it was announced, is to try and create a Christmas tree complete with lights/ornaments and a star on top! As an example, here is a link to Dr. M’s Christmas tree from last year…


Homework: Although there is no science homework to do over the winter vacation, students can always do as many Python coding projects as they want to in their free time at home. Through their free account, they actually have access to quite a few tutorials and suggestions.

Thursday-Friday, December 17-18th (No school)

Today in science: —

Homework: —