G6 Week 16

Last week in science!

Monday-Wednesday, December 16-18

Today in science: With either a laptop or a school Chromebook, students created a free account with Trinket.io as a way of engaging in the annual TASIS Science programme’s “Week of Code.”

Below are some of the main steps we followed in Monday’s science class while making our first program (aka., trinket), but Dr. Merritt has put some additional (useful!) ‘pieces’ of code in the Notes Portal.

  1. Create a free account with an email and password.
  2. Go to ‘Home’ button
  3. Create a new Trinket
  4. Before working any further, give your trinket a title/name and save it
  5. Collect ‘materials’ pen, pencil, etc.
  6. Write the first line of code…
  7. Import turtle
  8. turtle.forward(50)
  9. Run
  10. turtle.forward(100)
  11. turtle.left (90)
  12. Go back to line 2 and insert a new line of code: t=turtle.Turtle()
  13. Now you can replace “turtle” with “t”…save time, use shorthand
  14. Can you make a complete square with your trinket/program?

Below are some of the steps we followed in Tuesday’s science class…

  1. Go back to line 3 and insert a new line of code: t.color(“red”)
  2. Go back to line 4 and insert a new line of code: t.pensize(10) or t.pensize(50)
  3. Now change the color of each of the four lines…
  4. We’ve done a square, but you can do a circle by using other code…
  5. t.circle(80) The number in the parentheses is the circle diameter.
  6. What if I want to fill the circle with color?
  7. t.begin_fill()
  8. t.circle(20)
  9. t.end_fill()
  10. All of these ‘pieces’ of code are on the sheet in the packet I’ve given you in your packets.
  11. Can you turn your square into a house? Can you write your initial(s)? OK, go ahead and play on your own…
  12. Here’s a ‘piece’ of code for a semi-circle: t.circle(1oo,180) The first number in the parentheses before the comma is the circle diameter, while the second number is the amount of the circle turtle will draw (180 = 180 degrees = half of a circle).

Below are some of the steps we followed in Wednesday’s science class…

Thursday-Friday, December 19-20 (No school)

Today in science: —

Homework: There is no science homework over the Winter Vacation! 🙂