G6 Week 16

Last week in science!

Monday, January 4th (No school)

Today in science: —

Homework: —

Tuesday-Friday, January 5-8th

Today in science: With either a laptop, iPad, or school Chromebook, students were asked to continue developing their programming skills in Trinket. Students can see the latest coding challenge(s) in the Grade 6 Notes Portal. Although on Tuesday students were allowed to work on their first trinket (the Christmas tree), at the start of Thursday’s class Dr. M asked students to work on the Digestive System diagram challenge for the entire lesson. At the end of Thursday’s lesson, Dr. M asked students to send their trinket to him by email so as to see their progress.

  • At any time, students can refer to Mrs. Bloodworth’s “Turtle Basics” packet for help/advice/assistance.
  • There is also Python/Turtle coding help within the Trinket.io website, as well as lots of Python-focused sites on the internet who offer Python tutorials and tips.
  • Dr. M has also started a special Python Page he fills with useful codes based on common students’ requests (and questions).

Homework: There is no science homework on any of these nights, but of course students are welcome to work on their coding project(s) if they wish outside of school.