G6 Week 17

Last week in science!

Monday-Friday, January 11-15th

Today in science: In preparation for their new electricity unit, students were asked to create four new trinkets with the following titles: BATTERIES, WIRES, ACTORS, and MEASURERS. The contents of each of these four trinkets is described below…

BATTERIES = 1 cell battery (1.5 V), 1 cell battery (3 V), and 2, 1 cell batteries (1.5 V each) connected (3 V)
WIRES = connecting wire, open toggle/switch, and closed toggle/switch
ACTORS = motor, bulb/lamp, bell, and buzzer
MEASURERS = voltmeter and ammeter

Each properly titled trinket should consist of 1) the names of each of the components, b) the symbols of each of the components, and c) the functions of each of the components. All three of these requirements for each circuit component can be viewed HERE (for Trinkets 1-3) and HERE (Trinket 4).

During Tuesday’s lesson, Dr. M drew images on the whiteboard to help students visualize what each of the 4 required trinkets might look like. You can see these images in the Notes Portal.

These four trinkets are due by the end of the lesson on Friday, January 15th. In order to be eligible to receive full credit, they must be sent to Dr. Merritt via the ‘Share’ feature in Trinket (which sends it to him via email).

Homework: The only students with weekend homework are those who did not complete and submit the four required Trinket assignments (described above), which were due today.