G6 Week 18

Last week in science!

Monday, January 13

Today in science: Students were asked to continue their work on three different tasks in the following order:

1) Calculations of the number of particles found in an imaginary cube with a total of 6 or 9 atoms.
2) The “Number of particles” bar graph
3) A written explanation for something unexpected we saw when comparing our  “Mass of cube” and “Number of particles” bar graph.

Homework: Any student not yet finished making their latest bar graph should do so at home tonight. Proper scientific bar graphs must have a title, labels for the X- and Y axes, a key (if necessary). Furthermore, all lines and bars should be drawn with a ruler. Students do NOT have to complete their explanation paragraph at home, only their bar graph.

Tuesday, January 14

Today in science: After collecting last night’s homework (2 bar graphs plus atom drawings), Dr. M use the whiteboard to illustrate the three main states of matter, which students recorded on a pre-printed handout. These drawings were accompanied by a good deal of class discussion and the drawings are accessible in the Notes Portal. The states of matter discussion will help us transition from our recent activities with solid objects to our next topic, which concerns liquids that we call “acids” and “alkalis.”

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, January 15

Today in science: 


Thursday, January 16

Today in science: After distributing a clear plastic vital containing approximate 5 red and 5 blue pieces of litmus paper, Dr. M explained this weekend’s homework, which is an investigation described in a handout given to students in class. This investigation asks students to test 5-10 substances (liquids) found at home to determine whether or not the substance is an “acid” or an “alkali/base”. As per the “Safety Considerations” written on page 2 of the handout, students should not test any household cleaning substances without parent or adult supervision. To help students determine whether or not a substance is an acid or an alkali/base, they can use the chart below.

Homework: Students have been asked to complete their Measuring pH investigation by the start of Monday’s science lesson.

Friday, January 17

Today in science:Unfortunately, A period science class does not meet on Fridays, but Dr. M would remind all of his Grade 6 students that the Science Help Center is open in the lab on Fridays during lunch recess…👍

Homework: —