G7 Week 04 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, February 18th (Day 35)

Today in science: Using mainly the whiteboard, Dr. M first asked students to update and order their Classroom Science Binders according to a list of 6 assignments. Students were then shown how their score (out of 20 points) was issued for the work they’ve done in Chapters 1 & 2 of the Power Plant Packet. Finally, in both F and G period (but unfortunately not in H period) students were made aware of their successes and areas in need of improvement resulting from Dr. M’s Sunday evening check of the current state of their “Life of a Brassica flower” project (the Google Document with 12 photos inserted in a 4×3 table).

Homework: In addition to preparing for Thursday’s flower functions quiz, some (but not all) 7th grade students need to spend time on one or more of the following tasks:

1. Locating their (graded) Week 1, 2, 3, and/or 4 science quizzes to put into their Classroom Science Binder.

2. Revising their work in the Power Plant Packet (PPP) based on the 20 point scores they received today in class for work in Chapters 1 and 2.

3. Making sure their “Life of a Brassica Flower” Google Document in formatted in the Landscape view and has 12 photographs inserted into the 4×3 table.

Tuesday-Wednesday, February 19-20th (Day 36-37)

Today in science: After a few brief announcements about the Power Plant Packets, “Life of a Brassica Flower” projects, and Week 5 Quiz (Flower structure functions), Dr. M introduced the newest class project, the Brassica Growth Table (see details in #4 below). In the remaining time, students were asked to work independently on the following tasks/activities…

1. Measure, record, pollinate.

2. Take any remaining photos of flower stages needed for the “Life of a Brassica flower” project.

3. Remove any remaining unopened flower buds with one of your dissection instruments, e.g., needle-nosed forceps or small scissors (simply put the removed buds on the top of your soil for decomposition by fungi and bacteria!).

4. Create a Google Document that follows the following title examples…

04F – Brassica Growth Table
12G – Brassica Growth Table
07H – Brassica Growth Table

Share the document with Dr. M (brett.merritt@tasis.ch) so that he can access a digital version of your (paper) data table.


Thursday, February 21st (Day 38)

Today in science: After taking the Week 5 Quiz (Flower structure functions), today’s Guest Teacher asked students to prepare their lab notebooks for Friday’s pistil dissection. A guiding handout was distributed to students by the Guest Teacher in class, but a digital copy can be seen HERE. In the class time remaining, students were asked to work on the remaining (unfinished) chapters in their Power Plant Packet including defining the bold vocabulary terms found in each chapter.

Homework: IF students finished preparing the pages for their lab notebook for Friday’s Pistil Dissection Investigation, then there is no science homework. If they did not finish this task during today’s lesson, then they should use the link in the above paragraph to do so.

Friday, February 22nd (Day 39)

Today in science: The entire class period was devoted to the Brassica Pistil dissection. Before beginning the dissection, Dr. M instructed students to focus on taking pictures at every stage of the dissection, which will be used to make descriptive, scientific drawings upon return from Winter Adventure in St. Moritz. In total, students needed to take 5 quality photos–some of them requiring the use of a stereo microscope–of their pistil.

Homework: There is no science homework during the Winter Adventure.