G7 Week 06

Last week in science!

Monday, October 8th – No school (3-day weekend)

Today in science:

Homework: —

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 9-10th

Today in science: The main themes for today’s lesson were “soil” and “description.” Dr. M began the lesson asking all students to complete and submit to him a Quick Write that posed the question, “What is soil?” After labelling their plastic bag with student #, date, contents, and location, students then began describing their soil sample in their lab notebooks. The first phase of the soil description was dedicated to location and weather. Dr. Merritt modeled a description by writing with the students as they wrote their own descriptions. You can see the location and weather descriptions that Dr. M projected onto the whiteboard here.

Homework: Only those students who either a) did not bring a soil sample to today’s science class or b) did not bring enough soil in their sample have homework this evening.

Thursday, October 11th

Today in science: The main themes for today’s lesson were “soil” and “description.” Students were given some tools (e.g., Petri dishes, plastic spoons, lunch trays, dissection kits) and asked to investigate small sub-samples of their soil and identify objects and substances found within it. Dr. M instructed students repeatedly to record all objects/substances in their lab notebook. The entire hour was devoted to soil exploration and description.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Friday, October 12th (Parent’s Day)

Today in science: Unfortunately, because of limited time, we were unable to make use of the planned soil composition protocol during today’s 20 minute lesson. Instead, Dr. M shared a brief presentation with parents and students that provided an overview of the MS Grade 7 science program.

Homework: There is no science homework this weekend.