G7 Week 07 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, March 11th (Day 56)

Today in science: After collecting students’ Lab Notebooks for the purpose of checking in three different investigations (Brassica observations/drawing, Brassica flower dissection, Brassica pistil dissection) and collecting the Power Plant Packets to see student progress in Chapter 3, Dr. M asked students to open their Brassica Growth Table project (a Google Doc) for the purpose of adjusting the formatting of the table according to a set of guidelines provided by Dr. M. Using an example table during each class–F period, G period, and H period–Dr. M showed students how to re-format their data table so as to make them appear more ‘scientific’ before printing them.

Homework: All 7th grade students have been asked to print one copy of their re-formatted Brassica Growth Table by the start of their next lesson. Dr. M will not accept a digital copy of this assignment submitted by email–students must have their printed copy with them for their next lesson.

Tuesday-Wednesday, March 12-13th (Day 57-58)

Today in science: After collecting last night’s homework, students were shown how to format the work they’ve already put into their “Life of a Brassica flower” project. The goal of this formatting work is so that it can (soon) be printed on one of the school’s color printers. During the lesson, students made adjustments to the paper size, margins, photographs, and title, as well as write picture captions.

The example document that Dr. M worked on in class for each period can be accessed via the links below:

F period: Student 00F’s “Life of a Brassica flower” project
G period: Student 00G’s “Life of a Brassica flower” project
H period: Student 00H’s “Life of a Brassica flower” project

Homework: Dr. M has asked students to have their document ready for printing by the start of Thursday’s lesson. Students do not have to print the document–but it should be ready for printing with all of the required formatting and elements.

Thursday, March 14th (Day 59)

Today in science: Using their (stamped) Growth Tables, which were completed and turned in during the last science lesson, students were shown how to create a line graph using the height data found within the printed copy of their Brassica Growth Tables.

The examples and guidance provided by Dr. M on the whiteboard in class have been captured in a downloadable document that can be accessed HERE. By the end of the lesson, many students had graphed at least one of their plants, but many more students had graphed more than one plant. Students were not asked to complete these graphs at home tonight. We will continue the graphing work in tomorrow’s lesson.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Friday, March 15th (Day 60)

Today in science: Students had most of the class period to work independently on any (or all) of the assignments listed below:

1. Life of a Brassica flower project: Put any needed finishing ‘touches’ on your “Life of a Brassica flower” project. This includes adding, (re)sequencing, (re)formatting, and/or (re)numbering your photographs, inserting a proper title in the header space, making sure all of your photographs fit on a single A3-sized piece of paper,  and writing informative captions for all of your photos according to the guidelines presented during Tuesday/Wednesday’s lesson (see above).

2. Power Plant Packet: Dr. Merritt has asked that all students finish Chapter 3 (pp. 14-22) and Chapter 4 (pp. 23-26) of their Power Plant Packet by Monday. There was much time provided to students in class on Friday, but also during a previous class, to complete these two chapters. Answers provided to each question should reflect not only careful reading, but also careful thinking AND writing. Dr. M has said to all of his students, “Your answers to the PPP questions should reflect your best work.”

– Students were told in class that they DO NOT have to complete the Chapter 3 & 4 vocabulary sections as a part of this homework assignment.

– If students wish to, they can go ahead and complete the last chapter, Chapter 5 (pp. 27-28), but Chapter 5, the final chapter in the packet, has NOT been assigned for homework.

3. Brassica Growth Table project (Phase II): Graded growth tables were given back to students at the start of Friday’s lesson. While for many students no revisions are needed, some students have significant revisions to do before beginning the next stage of this project (see below). Dr. M spoke with these students individually in Friday’s class.

4. Brassica Growth Table project (Phase III): To their already existing Google Document, students have been asked to add a final layer of formatting requirements to make their data tables even more scientific. These guidelines can be found in the Notes Portal. Dr. M has not yet assigned a final due date to this formatting work, but it will likely be due next Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday.

Homework: See #2 (Power Plant Packet) above.