G7 Week 10 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, April 1st

Today in science: To help determine which students are ready for Phase 2 of their Seed Germination Investigation (as well as which students are not yet ready), Dr. M asked students to begin completing the Pre-Investigation worksheet in class. Much of the lesson was spent learning about both manipulated (independent) variables, as well as writing “What if I were to…” statements.  After getting most of the way through side one of the two-sided worksheet, students were allowed to leave it–along with their lab notebooks–in their classroom mailboxes until the next science lesson.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday-Wednesday, April 2nd-3rd

Today in science: Dr. M asked all students to complete the Pre-Investigation worksheet before leaving class. Much of the lesson was spent learning about both responding (dependent) and controlling variables (or controls), as well as how to write a scientific research question.

F period homeworkFollowing the completion of Phase 1 (Research), students have been asked to use 1-2 pages in their Lab Notebook to create a drawing that clearly shows the overall design of their seed germination experiment. In the drawing, students MUST be sure to clearly show all 3 types of variables–MANIPULATED, RESPONDING, and CONTROLLING–that were identified on the Phase 1B (“Pre-Investigation”) worksheet during the Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday science lessons. Please use labels and/or a key if you use symbols in your drawing. Dr. M will check the drawings at the start of Thursday’s science lesson.

G period homework: None

H period homework: Students have been asked to think of 5 ‘things’ that they must keep the SAME throughout all of the trials of their upcoming experiment. These are called the CONTROLLING VARIABLES. These should be recorded on the handout provided in class. Remember, the MANIPULATED variable is the ‘thing’ you’ve decided to do to your seeds (on purpose). The RESPONDING variable is what your seeds might do in response to your manipulation (for example, germinate!). But the CONTROLLING variables are the things you need to keep the SAME for ALL of your seeds. In other words, those ‘things’ you need to give to (or provide for) all of your seeds so that the manipulation is the ONLY way they receive different treatment.

Thursday, April 4th

Today in science: Most students have been given permission to move into Phase 2 of their seed germination (or emergence) investigation, which is called the METHOD. Phase 2 not only involves creating a detailed sketch/drawing of your experiment, but also a thoughtful recording of a) the materials needed, b) the procedures to be followed, and c) the safety, disposal, and cleaning processes to be followed at the conclusion of the experiment. Although students received handouts to guide their completion of two (of the four) parts of the Method (Materials, Procedure), all the handouts needed for this stage of the investigation are linked below.

METHOD > Detailed Sketch/Drawing (lab notebook or blank A3-A4 paper)
METHOD > Materials
METHOD > Procedures
METHOD > Safety, Disposal, & Cleaning

Before leaving class, Dr. M asked students in both G and H period to put their (completed) Pre-Investigation worksheets into the classroom inbox (F period students will be asked to do so on Friday).

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Friday, April 5th

Today in science: