G7 Week 11 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, April 8th

Today in science: After introducing students to the MASTER template for the Seed Lab Report, Dr. M asked students to make a copy of the document, rename it (e.g., 03F – Seed Lab Report), and save it to a “Science” folder on their Google Drive. He then showed students how the Table of Contents feature works, where to add text (anywhere there is blue text!), and which sections to begin adding to first (Manipulated Variable, Responding Variable, Controlling Variables, Research Question, Materials, Procedure).

HomeworkF period students (only, not G or H period) were asked to design and sketch data tables into which they will recording their variables during their seed experiment. Dr. M is expecting a minimum of TWO tables with the length of the experiment requiring 7 days.

TABLE 1. A table into which you will record your responding variable (RV). This table will also have the manipulated variable (MV) in it, either in the first column or first row depending on the design of your data table.

TABLE 2. A table into which you will record your controlling variables (you can design one table for each controlling variable OR a single table that records all of your controlling variables).

Tuesday-Wednesday, April 9-10th

Today in science: Since the three classes are each at slightly different stages of their projects, this week’s Tuesday/Wednesday lesson was tailored to meet the needs of the students in the different periods. For example, F period were asked to create rough drafts of the data tables they need for their seed experiment for homework on Monday night, while G and H period students were asked to design them in class and complete them before the end of the lesson.

Homework: G period students were asked to enter TWO or more data tables into their Google Documents for homework. H period students were asked to enter ONE or more data tables into their Google Documents for homework.

Thursday, April 11th

Today in science: After a brief look at one students’ Lab Report on the whiteboard, in which various strengths and weaknesses were identified and discussed as a whole-class activity, students were given the remaining class time to add to, revise, and extend sections of their document.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Friday, April 12th

Today in science: The entire lesson was devoted to helping students further their work in the Seed Lab Report. More specifically, Dr. M explained what the ‘perfect’ science student has completed–or nearly completed–at this point in the long-term project. This list includes completion of 1) the “Identifying the Variables” and “Research Question” portions of the Introduction section, 2) the “Materials” and “Procedure” portions of the Methods section, and 3) all of the data tables related to the Manipulated (MV), Responding (RV), and Controlling Variables (CVs) portions of the Results section.

Homework: Although there is no science homework during the Spring Vacation, Dr. M would never prevent students from working on their Seed Lab Report if they feel they did not use their class time well before the vacation.