G7 Week 11

Last week in science!

Monday, November 12th

Today in science: Dr. M used today’s science lesson to return Lab Notebooks to students and spend some time discussing his evaluation and marking strategies of four different 10-point assignments found within the notebook. In doing so, students were able to calculate their Lab Notebook score, which account for 20% of their overall science grade.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday-Friday, November 13-16th

Today in science: The main themes for these lessons were “soil formation” (otherwise known as pedogenesis), “chemical weathering,” and “biological weathering.” Here is a copy of the notes used by Dr. M at the start of Tuesday’s/Wednesday’s lesson.

Mainly through the use of new notes posted to the Notes Portal, students were asked to illustrate two types of chemical weathering on one piece of A3 paper and six types of biological weathering on another piece of A3 paper. This size paper was provided by the teacher. The notes on the Notes Portal contain many links to websites, images, and videos aimed at helping students better imagine–and understand–all eight types of weathering under study.

To help G & H students better understand the different between physical and chemical changes, Dr. M showed them a short video that showed what is happening to atoms and molecules of substances that are undergoing changes. You can re-watch this video below.

Prior to making their drawings on the A3-sized paper, students are strongly encouraged to list the key words and phrases for each type of chemical or biological weathering process and create symbols for each of these words/phrases on a smaller piece of A4-sized paper. This step is meant to help students improve the quality, accuracy, and clarity of their final symbolic drawings.

Homework: Students have been asked to complete all EIGHT of their (2) CHEMICAL and (6) BIOLOGICAL weathering drawings before the end of this Friday’s science lesson.