G7 Week 13 – S2

Last week in science!

Lesson 1 – Monday, April 19th (Day 0)

Today in science: It’s planting day! Today students used the 45-minute lesson to prepare their soil containers to accept four Brassica rapa seeds. By the end of the lesson, students had mixed two types of soils together, moistened it, removed any rocks and/or large sticks, and then planted the four seeds no more than 1 cm below the surface. Dr. Merritt had students identify their plant containers with specially numbered plastic stakes. He also asked some students to prepare extra cups for our absent students.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Lesson 2 – Tues/Wed, April 20th-21st (Day 1-2)

Today in science: To prepare for all of the Brassica rapa observations and measurements that will be made over the next 5-6 weeks, students were asked to create a new data table in their Digital Lab Notebooks. During this exercise, Dr. M taught students some of formatting rules scientists follow when making their scientific data tables. The model created by Dr. M during C period’s science lesson on Tuesday can be seen here.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Lesson 3 – Wed/Thur, April 21st-22nd (Day 2-3)

Today in science: Students were introduced to the Lab Notebook template today, which they will use to structure their daily entries during the WFP unit. Students were asked to complete their first Lab Notebook entry during class, which included recording key vocabulary words and making height measurements, drawings, and written observations (noticings + wonderings).

Homework: In their Lab Notebook, students were asked to record the definitions of the four key vocabulary words discussed during today’s science lesson. The definitions should be taken from the SCIENCEsEDiment Glossary pages.

Lesson 4 – Friday, April 23rd (Day 4)

Today in science: After making their second Lab Notebook entry today, students were then introduced to Brassica rapa‘s nearest relatives or what we referred to in class as the “Cruciferous vegetable family.”