G7 Week 01

Thursday, September 3rd

Today in science: Dr. Merritt welcomed his 6th graders to their first science class–albeit not in his normal school laboratory–with a brief introduction. Special mention was made of the Lab Notebook, which is a very important component of Dr. Merritt’s science class.

After learning how to login to their TASIS email account–where students had an email from Dr. Merritt waiting for them–he then asked students to join his Google Classroom. Once successfully joined to the Google Classroom, students were asked complete Dr. Merritt’s “Get To Know You” survey.

Homework: Students who were unable to complete the survey before the end of the lesson were asked to finish it at home before coming to their next science class.

Friday, September 4th

Today in science: After showing students which of them had yet to join the Google Classroom successfully and/or submit the “Get To Know You Survey,” Dr. Merritt introduced students to what he called, the “Art(s) of Noticing” with a brief Google Slides presentation and a few noticing exercises–both indoors and outdoors–to ‘officially’ begin their scientific training.

Homework: Students have been asked to begin looking for a Lab Notebook to bring the class. The specifications for the notebook can be reviewed here.

Monday, September 7th – Guest Teacher

Today in science: In Dr. Merritt’s absence today, students were asked to tackle a sizable set of questions in the “What Do I (Think I) Know?” assignment. This assignment was distributed to students via Google Classroom and contained a set of (pre-test) questions that students were NOT necessarily expected to know the answers to. Although some students completed and submitted this assignment before the end of the lesson, many students still had questions to finish.

Homework: Although it was not homework, students were welcome to work towards the completion of the “What Do I (Think I) Know?” assignment at home.

Tuesday, September 8th – Guest Teacher

Today in science: In Dr. Merritt’s absence today, students were asked to participate in an all-class discussion attempting to brainstorm answers to the following question(s): What is life? What does it mean to be considered alive? After the discussion, most–but not all–classes were asked to record the results of the class discussion on a pre-assigned Google Document (“All Living Things MUST…”) in the Google Classroom.

Homework: Although it was not homework, students were welcome to work towards the completion of the “All Living Things MUST…” assignment at home.

Wednesday, September 9th

Today in science: Dr. Merritt returned to class today! Today was a day in which some house-keeping was the main priority. After assigning students a (temporary!) numbered classroom mailbox in which students can permanently store their Lab Notebook, Dr. M encouraged all students to work towards the completion of all three of the assignments issues thus far in the Google Classroom. Students were told individually by Dr. M if any of this past week’s class assignments have yet to be completed and/or submitted. Some classes also had a chance to browse–and hear about the history of–our SCIENCEsEDiment class website.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight, but students with any non-submitted assignments are encouraged to complete and submit them.

Thursday, September 10th

Today in science: After highlighting a couple of the sections of the Google Classroom to the whole class, Dr. M guided students through the login process used to access the three Activate Science textbooks from their device(s). After that, classes went outdoors to begin a noticing activity, Descriptive Drawing. This activity involved one student describing a picture to another student (or students), who then had to try and reproduce the picture without ever seeing the original.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight, but Dr. Merritt sent email notifications during the school day to any students who still had missing assignments from previous lessons.

Friday, September 11th

Today in science: Using the same Descriptive drawings used in yesterday’s lesson, today Dr. M asked students to use a scientific tool (a metric ruler) to try and improve the scaling (and thus the accuracy) of their drawing attempts. Dr. M also emphasized practices such as showing patience (slowing down, it’s not a race!) and active noticing (attending to the ‘little’ details often missed by others).

Homework: Only students who receive personal email notifications about missing assignments from Dr. M have homework this weekend. All students, however, have been told to try and have purchased their A4-sized lab notebooks (containing lined, writing paper) and protective plastic covers by Monday.