G7 Week 04 – S2

Monday, February 19th

Today in science: From students’ performance on the weekend homework, it was clear that students need(ed) more practice identifying variables. Thus, Dr. Merritt began the class period by asking students to identify the three types of variables–manipulatedresponding, and controlling–in a hypothetical biology experiment (LS33). After going over the answers in class, Dr. Merritt then asked students to do identify the variables in another hypothetical biology experiment (LS47).  Again, we went over the correct answers in class.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight for A period students. For F & G period students, however, there is a homework assignment. F & G period students received the first of six identifying variables problems that Dr. Merritt affectionately calls, “The Gauntlet.” The first challenge in the 6-stage gauntlet is Practice Set 2G.20. A student looking to meet expectations will provide, as specified in the directions, 1 correctly phrased MV, 1 correctly phrased RV, and 3 correctly phrased CV. A student looking to exceed expectations will provide 1 correctly phrased MV, 1 correctly phrased RV, and 5 correctly phrased CVs.