G7 Week 04

Last week in science!

Monday, September 28th – Guest Teacher

Today in science: With a guest teacher, students were again given class time to work on Campus Noticing investigations II, III, & IV, last Thursday’s 3-question email assignment, and last week’s Cucumber Time Lapse investigation (see G7 Week 03). When finished with these FIVE assignments, students were asked to complete a descriptive investigation of a decaying mango filmed via time lapse. The full description of–and directions for–this investigation is in our Google Classroom.

Like their previous noticing investigations, this investigation was also broken into two phases: “What I notice…” and “What I wonder…” After completing their entry in their actual Lab Notebook, students were then asked to transfer their entire entry into their digital Lab Notebooks. The ‘official’ name of this descriptive investigation is More Noticing II: Mango Time Lapse.

Homework: Those students who did not complete all of the assignments listed above were asked to give 20 (uninterrupted) minutes of good effort to them at home.

Tuesday, September 29th

Today in science: Following his week-long absence, Dr. M’s 7th grade classes took some time to get to know each other again. In C period, this meant sharing stories about difficult (but also some funny!) past events. In H period, this meant discussing bacteria, intestines, the digestive system, viruses, antibiotics, bacteriophages, and other semi-random topics. At the end of the period, Dr. M asked students to leave their Lab Notebooks with him so that he could examine the work students produced while he was away last week.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Wednesday, September 30th

Today in science: After sharing his thoughts about both the quality and quantity of students’ recorded work in their Lab Notebooks while he was away, Dr. M planned a brief exercise to help students learn how to become more ‘scientific’ in their noticing. Using an example of WALL-E, the fictional trash-compacting Pixar robot, Dr. M introduced students to morphology. The term morphology refers to ‘form, shape, or structure.’  After briefly discussing robot morphology, students were asked to choose another leaf to describe and to enhance their leaf description by using this leaf morphology resource packet.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight (TASIS does not allow MS science classes to assign homework on Wednesdays).

Thursday, October 1st

Today in science: After helping students understand what the function of the corner of the whiteboard is for, as well as showing students the homepage and “This week in science!” sections of the SCIENCEsEDiment website, Dr. M asked students to apply yesterday’s noticing processes to a new object: A taller-than themselves tree found on the TASIS lower campus grounds. By focusing on their tree’s overall form and major shape(s), students were asked to create a picture description the tree (students did not do this exercise in their Lab Notebooks). Next, they were asked to use the internet to help them find proper, accurate names for the different forms/shapes they captured in their drawings.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Friday, October 2nd

Today in science: Building on yesterday’s formal tree drawings, students were asked to generate 10 ‘wonderings’ (questions) about the labelled tree drawings they created in yesterday’s class. These questions were collected by Dr. M, who typed the questions in the Notes Portal as they were being shared by students. This activity served as an introduction to our first ‘official’ 7th grade science topic/unit: The Wonderful World of Plants.

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.