G7 Week 05 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday, February 22nd

Today in science: The entire lesson was devoted to the EV3 Themoprobe Challenge. The following links should prove helpful to teams while working on the challenge…

  1. Teams for the Thermoprobe Challenge
  2. Rules of the Thermoprobe Challenge
  3. Instructions for how to build the arm/extensions used during the six LEGO Space Challenges
  4. Best practices to follow when using thermometers and temperature probes
    • These should be built not only into your CODE, but also into the DESIGN of your arm/extension.
    • They should also be the sole focus of your FINAL COMMENTARY, whether recorded (and added to your final video) or written (like a script, which accompanies your final video).

Homework: There is no science homework tonight.

Tuesday, February 23rd

Today in science: Students were asked to video record their EV3’s most successful temperature-gathering attempt sometime before the end of the lesson and upload it–plus the file(s) generated by the Go Wireless Temperature App–to the Google Science Classroom.

Homework: Students are not required to do any science homework during the long weekend, but some students have said they would like to begin editing their final EV3 video and recording their voice track. Of course, Dr. M will not stop anyone from working on this next stage of the EV3 Thermoprobe Challenge project, students should understand that that this step is not required this weekend.

Wednesday-Friday, February 22-26 (No school)

Today in science: —

Homework: There is no science homework over the long weekend.