G7 Week 06 – S2

Last week in science!

Monday-Thursday, March 2nd-5th (Lessons 1-3)

Today in science: The ‘official’ arrival of the coronavirus in Ticino last week, and the return of TASIS students to classes this week, created an opportunity for Dr. Merritt to begin addressing issues of contagion, detection, and prevention (e.g., personal, familial, and communal hygiene practices) related to viral infections. In addition to class discussions and simply demonstrations (e.g., how to cough and/or sneeze in public spaces), Dr. Merritt used a short educational video to introduce students to a Darwinian account of the origins of the new (or novel) coronavirus, COVID-19. Because parts of this video will form the basis of the content of the next two science lessons, it has been embedded for easy viewing below.

After discovering that viruses contain a substance called “DNA” (or “RNA”), students were given the opportunity to learn a bit more about this incredible chemical substance from another Stated Clearly video titled, “What is DNA and How does it work?” This video has also been embedded for easy viewing below.

Homework: There is no science homework during the first three lessons of B, C, & H periods this week.

Thursday-Friday, March 5th-6th (Lesson 4)

Today in science: As a way of introducing students to the task of writing up their most recent seed experiment in the form of a real scientific paper (aka. a research article), Dr. M breifly discussed one of his father’s favorite sayings, “Publish or perish.” One particularly insightful B period student translated Dr. M’s father’s saying as, “If you don’t share your ideas (with other scientists) you will eventually disappear.” Dr. M then showed students an example of a real scientific research article and explained some of the features common to almost all scientific research articles. For example, the example article was organized according to the following sections:

Journal Title
Article Title
Date(s)/Publisher Information
Abstract (a kind of summary)

Homework: All B, C, & H period students have been asked to create a new (sub)folder within their already existing “Science 7” folder on their TASIS Google Drive. Depending on one’s period/class, this new folder should be called “05B – Research Articles,” “08C – Research Articles,” or 12H – Research Articles.” Students were then asked to share this folder with Dr. Merritt (brett.merritt@tasis.ch). Finally, students were asked to create a new Google Document within this newly created (and shared) folder with a title such as “05B – BrX20,” “08C – BrX20,” or “12H – BrX20.” To see picture-based instructions, go to the Notes Portal.